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The year is 2113. For 50 years now, our world has been at peace. The nations have stabilized themselves after the terrors of a possible war that could threaten all of mankind. But the universe is not that kind. Our world's struggle is not yet over. In the year of 2065, the brilliant minds of the time have discovered that our sun is losing its energy at an increasingly rapid speed. Within 1000 years, it would not produce the energy needed to sustain life on our planet. This goes against all the laws of the universe. But humans do not give up so easily, we are a stubborn race.

For 7 years they had searched and search and search until finally, they had found a possible answer. A mirror was built to peer around the edge of the universe. Some hoped to see a new world to colonize, some hoped to see a way to save their sun, and some just hoped. What they found was not what they expected. When looking through the mirror, a world was seen. A world like ours. A world with a dying star. But something changed. The star burst with energy! It came alive with a great power, that looked as though it would destroy the planet before it. But the planet was steady in its course. Its orbit had not strayed, its oceans did not boil away, its life did not wither and die. This required investigation. The nations of our world have found a possible way to save our world. The human race would survive!

Our nations studied this world, studied its stars, studied everything they could for several years. There was no idea of where this planet was to be found. Then they saw it. With the latest model of the Orbans Mirror, they were able to close in on this world. They saw cities alive with life. They saw towers reaching their skies. Then they saw hints of our world in theirs. Similarly shaped continents. Similar architectural designs as our renaissance period. This was not just another planet. They said it was our planet. Our planet in another reality stream. A stream where they had the technology somehow to rejuvenate their sun.

And then we toiled away. We looked for a way to jump between realities. For 15 years, we experimented. And for 15 years we failed. We could not generate the energy to jump to that reality stream. Then we went back to the Mirrors for another look. We found another reality. It also was similar to ours. More advanced than the previous. More structure and order to the cities. More mathematical in nature. Yet it was also out of reach. Then the scientists realized something. To jump this far would require less energy than the previous planet. Less, but still unobtainable. The limited remaining resources of our planet could not create a bridge for us. We searched on.

Within 6 more years, two additional reality streams were found that were close to ours. They were filled with the same human race. One could be bridged. But we could not just jump to this reality. Of all the reality streams only the first one discovered, Terra Quinte (or Pinnacle as the average citizen called it), had a sun that was no longer dying. Our scientists calculated that multiple jumps between the realities could be achieved to reach Pinnacle. But only within a limited time window.

You see, the difference in the choices made by beings in each reality stream are constantly rearranging the order of the universe. Our world could be forced to decide in a way that would keep us in proximity of the first reality stream for a slightly longer time span than normal. But each one after that. That was a different story. They said it would take millions of years to reach beyond the closest reality stream. A million years we did not have. But they calculated and calculated and calculated. They came to a conclusion that for about 15 years out of every 200 our reality stream would reorganize itself to be within the bounds of the reality stream of Terra Secunde, our first bridged world. For 10 years out of every 200 years, each other reality stream would reorganize itself to be within the bounds of the next that could be reached. The calculated time frames between possible jumps is shown on page 5 in this mission statement.

And so we trained our youth. We genetically engineered all those born from that point forth. Each person was guided towards saving our world. We injected them with nanites. Cell sized robots that could heal our bodies at extraordinary rates. They could help us fight disease and infection. Resist poisons. Our race was now a superior race compared to all that existed before. But was it enough. We were trained in all aspects of combat. While the body could be manipulated and trained more easily, the mind was a complicated thing. Our brains could not be controlled and manipulated so easily. Nanites were set to manipulate our bodies as a reminder everyday for a year prior to a jump window opening. The nanites within our body could give us compulsions but had no other way of affecting our minds. The energy require to compel a being put a strain on the nanites. Only one compulsion was able to be maintained. The compulsion to save our planet. Because of this, we still specialized. We still required working in teams with those who had areas of expertise outside of our own.

And it was started. The human race had 1000 years left. All hope relied on jumping realities at the opportune times. Time tables were given and memorized. When we could jump and when we could not. Plans upon plans upon plans were factored in. And we continued forth…

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